Telephone wires

Can I use a metal duct from my basement that is connected to the ac unit and up to the second floor as a way to get speaker, internet and telephone lines to my bedroom near my work station?

Also, is there a rule that does not alllow a wall switch for the bathroom from being installed outside before entry?

I want the put a switch with a light to show when the switch is in the on position.

First I would say NO you can’t use your duct for this purpose, check out 300.22(B) of the NEC and without knowing the ratings of the cables you want to use it would not be advised. I would venture to say the jackets you are using are not rated for the environment and are probably of a non-metallic jacket.

Second, the National Electrical Code says you must have a switched luminaire in the bathroom. based on the way the NEC reads it says the “lighting outlet” has to be in the bathroom but it does not define the switch location as long as it switches the lighting outlet.

(1) Habitable Rooms. At least one wall switch–controlled
lighting outlet shall be installed in every habitable room
and bathroom.

So if you would like just outside before entry I dont see a problem with it. If you are wanting a switch with a pilot light on it in the on position…go for it.

can the NEC code 200.22(B) and others be found on the internet?

Actually, I think Paul meant to reference NEC 300.22 but, in any case, the 2005 version of the NEC can be viewed at (with a free account) and newer versions will cost you.

lol…yeah I am not sure why I said 200.22…lol…Brain Fart. I should do more Cut and Paste and it would not happen…lol

(B) Ducts or Plenums Used for Environmental Air. Only
wiring methods consisting of Type MI cable, Type MC
cable employing a smooth or corrugated impervious metal
sheath without an overall nonmetallic covering, electrical
metallic tubing, flexible metallic tubing, intermediate metal
conduit, or rigid metal conduit without an overall nonmetallic
covering shall be installed in ducts or plenums specifically
fabricated to transport environmental air. Flexible
metal conduit shall be permitted, in lengths not to exceed
1.2 m (4 ft), to connect physically adjustable equipment
and devices permitted to be in these ducts and plenum
chambers. The connectors used with flexible metal conduit
shall effectively close any openings in the connection.
Equipment and devices shall be permitted within such ducts
or plenum chambers only if necessary for their direct action
upon, or sensing of, the contained air. Where equipment or
devices are installed and illumination is necessary to facilitate
maintenance and repair, enclosed gasketed-type luminaires
shall be permitted.