Telesecopic ladder

Twice since Friday I’ve had the feet slip out from me while half way up a popular telescopic ladder. Both times were in a garage with a proper ladder position. Can’t believe I didn’t get hurt today. Is it the oil residue and dirt on the floor that causes this?

Erol Kartal

Be careful.

I don’t know but be safe!

That doesn’t sound good. Glad you’re okay.

Which one are you using?

I am close to buying one or the other: (15.5 feet) or (14.5 feet)

Be careful Erol;

Is it possible it could be the shoes you are wearing?

Marcel :slight_smile:

Larry Wacthed the video, pretty cool.

How much are those ladders and where do you buy them?

Marcel :slight_smile:

Hi Erol,

is it possible that the rubber feet on your ladder have become contaminated from use and are no longer as sticky is when it was new? dirt dust and other contaminents would reduse the ammount of friction against a smooth floor.

It may be worth giving the rubber a good detergent scrub and maybe trying some denatured alcohol on them to remove any oils or grease on the surface.

Be carefull out there


Wow! Careful Erol!!! So far I’ve only had a couple of major blood blisters on my fingers from my telescopic:shock: ouch. Probably oil and grime like Gerry said. I would try his recommendation. Stay safe!

$299 and up…click “DEALERS” at the top of the page. It looks like Ace Hardware mostly for the Extend and Climb.

Thanks Larry


Look on e-bay before you spend $299.

I heard there was a consumer reports about these ladders that wasn’t flattering.


Thanks for the nice comment guys.

I think Gerry is correct in that the feet need a good cleaning. I think these incidents have also shown that garage flloor conditions warrant further safety attention with these type of ladders - oil (that you can’t see) and dirt. The one I have is an Extend N’ Climb which I consider to be a top rate product so far. I’ve been using it for 4 years without a hitch - outside of garages.

Erol Kartal

Maybe thats why I use “Little Giant Ladders”.

I have the LG but a telescopic is so handy in the home. I may need to reconsider my game plan. :ouch:

So true. Got mine off ebay for $129 (Telesteps).

Both the Telestep and LG are good ladders. The LG is build much more solid. I use the Telestep only there is good grip on the ground or concrete for the feet.

I own an Extend and Climb, and really like how heavily built it is, for its size
and compactness when down.
I have had to clean the bottom rubber feet from time to time, as Gerry mentioned, due to dirt and grime, and whatever else tends to stick…:roll:
But I love the Xtend and Climb almost as much as my heavier 22’ Fiberglass Little Giant.
Between the two, I couldn’t be happier with safe and effective laddering tools.

For those of you who only use a telescopic ladder in your business, how are you opening attic hatches?

I only Have the little Giant and in High Garages I just extend the ladder up and push open the hatch.
I just use it in the extension ladder position.
Go up the ladder and push the hatch away do my inspection and reverse the method .
Works well fo me .

… Cookie