Temecula, CA home inspection

Wow, the power of Nachi. I did a google search for an area that I serve to see where I came up. I came up #1 behind the ads. The site is two weeks old. The great thing was that on page 2 I came up 4 times because of posts made on this message board.

Keep in mind, google tailors results to the individual.

I.E if you search for yourself from your own computer, you will come up better in rankings because google knows your site is a site you visit frequently.

I typed in “Temecula, CA home inspection” and I got completely different results, I don’t see you at all until page 4, where I see this exact thread, because I’m already in it.

I’ve learned the hard way just because I’m on page 1 with certain terms doesn’t mean everyone else sees me on page 1. :frowning:

Me too Frank. For something simple to try, use Google chrome and go into private mode

When searching for yourself, you must first “sign out” of Google, and then clear your browser.

I was searching for “fairbanks Ranch home Inspection” when I came up #1. I’ll try incognito. I’m still practically invisible in Temecula.

Frank 75% of my inspections are in the Temecula/Murrieta/Menifee area. Great marketing area.

#2 incognito :).

Frank you’re on page One when I search home “home inspector fairbanks ranch california”. Number three behind Zillow and Yelp.

Same result I got.

And that’s with a two week old website. I don’t think many people are specifically targeting that neighborhood. Which is good for me.

As much as anyone I know will hate to admit it (including myself), Yelp is the trending thing “right now” and you should have your customers post reviews there. Not only post a review for you but post multiple local reviews for other places so that yours will stick to the front page. This is more so than any paid service (Angieslist). This will help tremendously with your rankings.

Then of course as many times you can link your site through other websites the better. My SEO guy for my contracting company has me as an “active” member or participant on over 35 websites. And I get notices from new ones at least once or twice a month.

Also, clearing your browser and searching yourself while out and about at any coffee shop helps since you’ll be on a different IP address!

I agree Gary.

Frank, your first post with graphic, you googled inspetor.

That was a test. :wink: