Temp in elec dryer ?

Having problems with electric clothes dryer.

Used thermal ‘point and shoot’ type temp gun and got +/- 250 degrees F.

Seemed excessive, but not sure.

Does anyone know what temp the dryer should get to inside as it tumbles?


Make sure your vent is clear and free flowing Linda.

The venting pipe:

In many new houses the laundry room is located in the centre of the home, close to the family room or kitchen. If located upstairs it is often between the bedrooms, to allow easier access to laundry. Easier access, but the distance from the dryer to an outside wall is substantially longer. This leads to the crux of our problem. Theventing is either too long, or has become restricted.
It is more difficult to push air down a long venting pipe than a short one. When the venting is too long the excess air can cause the venting to misbehave. This results in the moisture and lint collecting in the venting, rather than being dumped outside.
Taken to extremes lint can block the venting closed. When this happens it can cause the dryer to overheat. The normal drum temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit can quickly shoot up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. It may even get hot enough to allow lint in theventing to ignite.
For this reason manufacturers now suggest a maximum venting length of 15 feet. Excluding the first two elbows.