Temp of main disconnect fuse?

Hello all, Does any one know might be considered a normal running temp for a main disconect from a fuse type pull out at the main panel. Inspected a 50s structure today and ther were temps of 121 at the main disconnect, is that typical? Thanks for the help.

I do not take temps at the electrical panel.

To many variables.

If you don’t see any obvious defects in the SE, then the temperature of 121 degrees ain’t no biggie.

Wait a minute, is “ain’t” even in the dictionary?

Robert, I do not normally check temps myself, but I was doing a thermal imaging scan of the place and peeked at the panel with my camera, and was just curious as to the temps I was seeing. thanks, Tim

Check out my IR site on electrical…


I usually do an infrared temperature scan of most panels and don’t aften see any that high. If the panel is located in a high-ambient temperature environment temperatures at that level could be expected. However, as mentioned above , there are many other variables, but for a heavily loaded system, I would not call that unusual. In a 50s vintage home the service is probably relatively small vs the modern loads served. If I saw that in an inspection and did not see any obvious signs of corrosion or hot/burned terminals, I would probably recommend periodic follow-ups to make sure the temp did not go higher over time.