Temperature pressure relief valve

Has anyone ever seen a temperature pressure relief like this one? The electric water heater is 50 years old and 52 gallon. The brand name is PRESTO.

Yes except it is not a TPR .it is a temp relief valve only.
The discharge is undersize to what is required now Most new ones require 3/4 discharge to with in 8 inches of the floor.
This tank sure is close to the end of its life remind the purchaser to budget for replacement.
Roy Cooke

Thanks, Roy

Harry are you sure that was not POS?

I think I would recommend that unit be replaced before it leaks and causes a mess.

No, Bruce, that is the hot water suppy pipe coming out of the water heater under the temperature relief valve. Thanks!

Do that and while you are at it suggest that he upgrade the galvinized piping at the same time.