Template optimized for mobile

Getting ready to build a template optimized for mobile, just wondering if anyone had any tips or suggestions.

Sam no matter what you need to build it for how you report.Everyone does it different.
I do not even use the text comments and optimized photo captions so if doing it have pictures slotted and captioned when finishing at home.

Some guys focus on text comments as they go which is faster then take fewer pictures .

Some guys use voice and dictate .

Some guys use the dropdowns in text comments. not easy on mobile ]

Obviously the shorter comments are easier to find however you also have the search feature at top of the mobile page if you have not noticed yet.

Make heavy use of the notes ] feature and color code to make it even easier.

When doing photos only I make use of the double tap feature to help avoid all the clicking .One tip is you can avoid need to double slot pictures if you only tap the major category and the program will slot into the first sub category automatically.

My current template has almost entirely 2 damage panels which adds 2 clicks every time you switch sections to take a pic so I am going to make a template using single damage panels, this also allows use of the green arrows to move through the section instead of just between the 2 damage panels. Already using notes and captions, they are a must for mobile.

My entire template seems to work best with one material and one defect panel for best flexibility.
I use same template for every property by simply clicking off or on sections used and not used such as common areas, etc.

Dom do you have suggestions on this?

Any tips from onsite delivery guys would be appreciated.

Dom, FYI in my version of HIP there is a typo when uploading a template to the cloud. After upload it says “Upload Successful… The template can now be downloaded from mobile devise.”


Well made the new template and saved alot of time during inspection, would still be interested in any feedback on this subject.

Hey Samuel,

Sorry, just saw this. You bring up an interesting point. On the desktop you can put 2 damage panels together to save clicks and show 2 items on the same screen but that causes more clicks on Mobile! What if mobile automatically split them up so that it acted like single damage panels.

That would be cool, I already reworked my template to save the clicks in mobile but it would help in the future, and also would help with other existing templates.

That way it would be optimized for both.

Agreed. Adding to the todo list.


Also Dom on my desk top when adding captions the cursor defaults to the middle of “[caption]]”, you have to click after “[caption]]” or if you just start typing it takes off like this…
[capThe GFCI yada yada yada…tion]]
It would be nice to hit caption and just start typing :slight_smile:

Just tried it and actually see when clicking caption you need to click inside the box to blue highlight the word caption and type over it.

Odd, I’ll check it out!

Yeah it does do that. :neutral:

Do you use caption with mobile?

Yes.My reports all contain location information or comments depending on the style I am using for that property on desktop.

I do not type text other than captions in mobile because I hate distraction while with people and on site .When doing mobile only use location captions because it is easy to keep adding the same location over and over till moving to another room by creating a special mobile section that is room by room just for photos and always has the room I am in at top of caption dropdowns Exterior has north ,South,East,West Front and Rear as dropdowns ].My follow up is to double tap and slot into systems categories from the special section.Report finished on desktop with half the report time already finished .In my experience slotting and captions is half the report time but also the most important part of documentation.