Tempstar - Burner problems?

I had a Tempstar furnace (20 yrs. old) today that was listed under an Upgrade section on an old cheat sheet I have. It said that this particular model & SN unit had “burner problems”. Anyone know what this is referring to? (MN - NDGE and SN - L9023). Mr. Google just isn’t helping me tonight & I’m to beat to read through 1500 search results.

Any help is always appreciated!

BTW, I found this website, while searching, with recalled & problematic furnaces…:shock:… didn’t realize there was so many… good reference material to have & add to your inventory http://www.therustyfirebox.com/furnace_recall.html

did you try cpsc

No, but that’s just packaged and oil units… thanks, though.

I would call the manufacturer and give then the exact model number and serial number to see if there are any significant problems or recalls.