Can some age a tempstar for me?
Serial # on Furnace
Serial # on Air
I tried to google them to look at some info but could not.
Thanks for the help!
Andy B

Do you have the model # ?

Mod # KG6RA 06C-12a
Cent Air
Mod # JS3BA-024ka

From your other thread, Andy:

According to C-D’s Technical Reference Guide they might be 03 (AC) and 04 (furnace). It says first set of digits are the year and second set of digits is week. Do they look like pretty new units?

Where did you get this info? I think you are right as the home was built in 2004.
Can you tell what this efficiency rating is on the HVAC?
Andy B

I got nothin’ :frowning:

Andy, sent this to you yesterday…

YESTERDAY - Andy, It looks like 04’ on the furnace and 03’ on the A/C. Does this make sense by there apparent condition? Logically it does…

In the future, if you are unsure, look at the ‘anzi’ date and it will usually be a few years added to that. (ex. ‘anzi’ date - 1991…approximately 93 date of manufacturer) You can play that and the serial #'s against each other and come up with a real solid ‘guess’.

TODAY - with the information that 04’ is the year built, i would say that confirms it.

Thanks Adam.
I don’t always look at my P.M.s.
I was trying to see if it was a 90% eff or higher?
How do i find this out?
Andy B

How was it vented? Metal, pvc, 1-2 pvc lines?

How about the burner area…could you see the burners or were they enclosed?

The burners were not closed. They were a manifold. IT had a metal flue going out the roof and two fresh air pipes coming in the room from the outside?
Explain to me the diff between the sealed units and unsealed as to the diff in efficiency?

The unsealed units will be less efficient because they let more oogy stuff into the burner chamber and let more gases out. A selaed unit has controlled air intake and controlled burning.

I agree. But that is why i was trying to find more info on THIS unit to see if it is a 90% eff or how much.

Nothing in the Carson-Cunlop book about model# info (efficiency, btu’s etc.)