Tempwood stove

I have an insurance customer who bought a home with a “Tempwood” stove… My underwriter needos to know if it is UUNlisted/numbered. I cannot find Tempwood to see if it is a manufacturer or a model let alone its UUKinfo. My underwriter neefsvto get info by Friday or the policy will be canceled. Does anyone have info on Tempwood? Much obliged.

Roger French CPCU

Take photos of the data plate(s) and send them to the underwriter. Everything he needs to know will be on those plate(s). If it isn’t, it’s not.

What (most) underwriters want to know is if the stove is UL listed (Underwriters Laboratories Inc). You only need to look for the UL tag on the stove.

If there’s no UL tag, its not UL listed and there’s nothing you can do to keep the policy from being cancelled short of having your customer uninstall the stove.