Tenent questionair or survey

Does anyone have a questionair or survey they use for commercial appartment buildings? I am about to inspect an 8 plex and wondered if someone out there might share some of their hard work in coming up with such a sheet they hand out to the tenents during the inspection. Any imput would be appresiated.


I have inspected 200-296 Unit Apartment Buildings and I cannot think of anything I would want to hand to a tenant, generally here anyway, the tenants don’t even know why I am inspecting the building to begin with, the realtors lie and say I am with the “Maintenance Company” looking the building over for needed repairs.

So the first thing I ask a Tenant when I walk in the door is “Is there anything wrong with your apartment you need repaired”

Then half or ALL of my work is done for me by the Tenant spilling his/her guts about what is wrong and needs repair.

Is this what you’re talking about?..something to hand the tenants to fill out quickly regarding what they know too be wrong in their particular unit?

Get in, do your job, get out, before their bugs get on ya’ is my method

Tenants will always have a gripe…I report facts not their opinions

Thanks for your thoughts guys. I never thought of a questionair either until I seen a refernce to one in the Nachi SOP. I like the idea of simply asking the tenents what if anything they feel is wrong with their appartment.

It works great…while I am looking around—:D…I ask them what else is wrong here, bingo—:D…within a minute I have all the information I need from them and I ask them to go have a beer or soda pop while I finish up—:D…because now their in my way—:lol:

But I’m usually in and out of a one bedroom apartment in 15 minutes anyway, but sometimes it is nice to hear what some tenants have to say.

I go for the major item inspections only with the buyers, it saves a lot of headaches—:D… makes a fast inspection with great money—:wink:

Who else would know the space and condition of a property than the Tennant?

Good going Dale.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:


Remember that sometimes the owner wont want you speaking with the tenants;-)

Thanks again guys.
Joe, is it a requirement that I have the owners permission to talk to the tenants or is this just a professional curtesty?

I just usually engage them in normal conversation and within minutes they will generally tell you way more than you ever wanted to know (people like to talk, especially if they have an unresolved complaint). Though be prepared to have them tell you all about their hemmoroid operation or worse. Let them do all the talking and like Dale said move thru quick or they will hang you up. I never ask the owner or buyer if I can talk to anyone.

Usually I just take a legal pad with me and a digital camera (s), basic hand tools. I shoot a photo of the apartment number off the door or wall at the beginning of each to keep my photos cataloged by unit. Later I take all my notes and photos to build the report. Like said, once you do one or two units the rest can be done in about 15-20 minutes (one bedroom, one bath, kitchen, living room). Good money. I love doing them.

You don’t need to ask them anything. As soon as they know you are an inspector they will be on you like ants at a picnic. I’ve done apartment building inspections where the tenants had already done the inspection. All they needed was someone to write everything down and present it to the owner.

They usually are not all that interested in the inspector’s opinion. They want the inspector to hear their opinions. My side of the conversation usually involves statements such as “I’m not that kind of inspector”, “No, I’m sorry but I can’t have the owner thrown in jail”, “No, I don’t really know what diseases roaches carry”, and “I’m sorry but I don’t know if you can claim rats as dependents on your tax return”.

Ha Ha,
Very funny! I needed a good laugh thanks.

A survey would be a little overboard.
All the commercials I did so far , I was the insurance guy.:slight_smile:
I ask how everything is and get the answers, with no prodding.
The tenants do help alot when you are looking at patches in ceilings or other tell tale signs of problems in the past.

Exactly Bob…it works well, personally, I have never had an issue with a tenant after simply asking them if there is anything I might have missed, they seem to spill their guts and go back to watching “Lets Make A Deal”…—:lol:

And a few agents have asked me to use the “Insurance Company Lie” also—:twisted:

Insurance guy:) …
I guess great minds think alike.
G-D forbid they know the building is for sale.
Soon as I pull out a survey the seller would give me the boot.