Tennessee approves InterNACHI's FREE, online radon measurement course for 12 CE hours


Hi Nick,
Does “free” mean for inachi members?
is there a cost for non-members?


Some states, because of the way their law is worded, have forced us provide non-members access to our courses. So we do. We charge $289 for non-member access. This fee is permitted by these states.

It is interesting to note that not a single non-member has ever taken us up on this offer and instead, they simply join InterNACHI which just happens to cost $289.

However, if you are a non-member in a state that requires InterNACHI to provide you access to our courses, and do not want to join InterNACHI, you are fee to simply pay the $289 tuition. Contact Nick at fastreply@nachi.org to arrange access.

See top of www.nachi.org/education.htm


Do we state certified radon measurement providers need to take the Nachi radon course to maintain IAC2 creds?

Does PA accept this course for it’s CE requirements?

Knowing them…probably not.




IAC2 has no CE requirements. www.iac2.org (other than indirectly due to InterNACHI membership requirement).

Applied for CE approval in all states.