Tennessee home inspectors! Inspection agreement requirements.


If you have a section in your inspection agreement for arbitration (lines 6 in the night she home inspection agreement), you must have the client initial or sign this paragraph specifically, regardless of what else you do in the inspection agreement or you have no right to demand arbitration in the state of Tennessee.

I would have the client initial EVERY PARAGRAPH in order to protect myself from them saying…“But your Honor, I didn’t read that”…

Thanks for that info!!! I’m a little south of the line, but am licensed and do “bidness” in Shelby county. Yet another bullet dodged because of the dilligence of my NACHI bros and sisses!!

David, thanks. Can you reference the actual regulation on this?

I do not have it handy but will get it from my lawyer and e-mail you and post it here.

It is state case law. The same goes for Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky and Tennessee that I’m aware of. The limit of liability does not hold up once it gets to court. It is considered a restriction of an individuals right to sue and to attempt to gain relief via the court system. I have seen this many times while doing EW work.

Jimmy, I hope you are not doing inspections in Shelby County Tennessee without a TN home inspector license. It is easy to get a license in TN if you have one in MS. All you have to do is file it under the reciprocity section and send in the required forms and fees.

Thanks for the heads up, but I wasn’t born yesterday. I have the license. Something tells me you checked already.

Jimmy B.