Tennessee Infrared Course, May 10-11

Tennessee 2 day Infrared Training Course, May 10-11
State Approved for 16 hours CE units

Going to hijack this thread. Muhahaha

Any plans on a course around the eastern pa area?


Yes… we are working on a class in Philadelphia, as we speak.
Stay tunned… news coming shortly.

Can you help get some inspectors to attend, so we can make
it a reality in your area? Thanks.

I know Scott Gilligan is a big roller in pushing education, so I believe he’s a good place to start. As for helping, I can share information with other inspectors.

if it’s a weekend only training, I need a few months notice.




Scott is working on a date right now. Call him and tell him what you
need and see if you can work it out with him for a good time.

Thanks for your offer to help.

Good luck.

Not to steal Scott’s thunder, but the NE Pocono’s chapter is active in getting education for it’s members. I’ll share this with Chris Duphily.


Share it with everyone. There is enough for everbody :).