Tennessee Inspectors

Any Tennessee Inspector that needs help fulfilling the General Liability & Errors / Ommissions Insurance requirements for their state should call me toll free at 888-400-8087 x243 or email shellings@chinsurance.cc. I can give you fast service to keep you out in the field and not worrying about insurance. I’ve written policies for over 65 inspectors in the last two months in 19 different states, references are available.

Another marketing ploy…

David, with all due respect, I am here to help Home Inspectors. I would be glad to refer you to any of my clients and I have been endorsed by Nick Gromicko. I am also a NACHI member.

Maybe…but an effective one. I was led to believe that Towers Perrin had supplied me with the insurance that the state required. Just before the deadline, I was informed by the state that I did not have general liability. Others have had a problem with them because they called it a “professional liability” policy instead of E&O. When I informed them of the problem, they did not move fast enough to help me.

I called Schuyler because of this thread and found him very professional. He gave me a quote that I thought was fair with a well known carrier. He gave me the quote and left it up to me, without pressure. He also guesstimated that he could get me E&O for about half of what Towers Perrin took from me. You can bet that I will be calling him for a real quote when I am up for renewal. I would happily recommend him to others.

Yes, this may be a marketing ploy. However, he made his own thread and left it at that. I haven’t seen him jump into the middle of a thread to try to sell insurance like the guy form the nachi store with his exorbitant prices.

Schuyler - FYI: I passed your information along (with no implied endorsement, mind you) to some of our inspectors in TN. Please let me know what comes of it.


I switched carrirers and also went with Schuyler, very professional, very prompt and NO pressure. I talked with him and staff a number of times and they were helpful in all respects. My opinion he’s a good guy.


Perhaps you would feel better if this gentleman disguised his greed by selling seats at an “E&O Boot Camp”.:smiley:

Seriously though, it looks as if he is providing a genuine service to our members. I wish him much success and would suggest that he get more exposure by offering his services through the NACHI Mall, as well.

Vendors who truly help home inspectors deserve to get rich by helping them to get rich.

There is a special place in Hell, however, for the vendor who creates the need for his product or service through devious and deceitful means. We have more than our share of those guys sucking blood around here.

I appreciate the “referral” and will be sure to keep you updated. I’m currently assisting several Tenn. Inspectors.

Good luck to you, sir.

Schuyler is a very good person to work with and very honest!! He will bend over backwards trying to find the very best rate and terms for you with the most reputable carriers.

I am not in the habit of referring vendors and am very careful but will say that Schuyler is worth working with!