Tennessee Vacation

Heading down to Tennessee this year, around April, for a family vacation. I don’t know anything about the area but I’m looking to rent a cabin that will accommodate six people. Something secluded but with everything in the cabin a family might need.

Here’s something that caught my eye but it’s hard to tell by photos alone.
Uncle Bud’s
Anyone know of a great place to stay?

Try this site out…

I’m on that site right now. I was hoping to get some first hand recommendations.

Call Donnie Bentley 865-986-2516 he has a cabin in sevierville TN that he rents
I do sub contract home inspections for him . Good guy also a home inspector

vrbo is great…we rented a house in kauai last year from vrbo…or rather someone listing on the site that is.

good luck vince and have fun in TN!!

Be careful of the ones that say: “Nestled on the back covered deck you will find a large hot tub looking out into the woods and mountains.”


If you want “out of the way”.


You can walk in to Cades Cove, Smokey Mts National park (just over the hill)! :wink:

Townsend, TN is known as “The quiet side of the Smokies” but there is plenty there, just not all the hoopla of the Resort Side.

Tubs are inside, not out on the deck.

My brother in law lives in Townsend on the mountain

All great areas, and my old stompin’ grounds.
Asheville, NC, is worth a visit, also; I used to have a solar-powered home nearby in Black Mountain.
Cherokee is great country, also.

I prefer a rustic cabin back in the woods but

My wife prefers White Oak Lodge & Resort

I have done a few inspections in that area