Termite Guy

I am posting this question for the guy I am mentoring as he has LOTS of questions :smiley:

I am looking for guys you have great relationships and that are easy to work with when he has clients that need a termite cert. I personally have them get their own guys but he wants to provide everything possible to the client.

If you use anyone in South Florida Please post their name and why they are great and how you go about getting them paid and do you make money off it or not. These are all questions he has asked me and since I do not normally deal with that issue I figured I would post here and see who is willing to help this New Inspector get off to a great start.

I will just direct him to this thread so he can see what you all do. You guys that have a cert and can do it yourself need not respond as I know he will not be doing that anytime soon.

He should not be working with any outside contractor. First of all, a home inspector is not allowed to sub-contract. If he wants to work with a termite company he assumes all responsibility for that inspection.

What I do is inform my clients that they should find one on their own. If not, I can give them a referral, but they will need a separate check and let them know that they are totally independent of me. Its best to always keep an arms length from the termite guy. If he misses something it becomes his responsibility and not yours.

Lots of view and no info for the Young Man?

What info?

Tell him to start fostering business relationships. That takes time and work; meeting people and assessing their fit for you & your clients, their work ethic, etc. etc.

So many want to sidestep the work it requires to build a business, including networking and learning the long winding road to a smooth operation.

Follow Bill’s advice, refer it out, have the client pay the pest technician separately, and stay at arms length.


Maybe the young man, should pursue this on his own. Talk to wdo inspectors. There are plenty who will speak with him.

And, as Bill said, have the client pick the inspector and pay them.
Once you get involved, you also assume the responsibility.

I do as Bill does so I will tell him that. Thanks to those who answered.