Termite Inspection Tools

I’m looking to learn more about termites/WDI inspections in hopes of getting licensed and adding that service next year. Out of curiosity, does anyone know where to find one of the tapping sticks that inspectors use? Or maybe what I should search to pull up some good results for them? Thanks

Every termite inspector I’ve seen just carries a 2 foot screwdriver as a “prober”.


This is what I’m talking about. Basically a plastic ball on what looks like a golf club shaft. Wouldn’t be hard to make I suppose.

All Tropic’s wood sounding device… … …

Buy a 1/2 - to 3/4" PVC pipe. Cut to fit around 4-5 ft. I prefer 1/2" nice & light.
@ the end of the pipe glue a double T-fitting. Then glue a 4" piece of pipe on each side.
THEN… cut one side diagonally to make a “pick like knife”.
The other end glue on a nice rounded solid cap.
When you "sound " the fascia/baseboard, etc. with the cap end no damage.
If you find a soft spot just flip it around & dig in to determine T’s or wood decay.

Remember, you cannot cause any damage but you can UNCOVER the hidden damage.
You just made holes in my wood.
**No sir, I’m proud to have discovered the existing damage for my client.
I do not have a magic stick/screwdriver that you wave across the wood to cause damage :cowboy_hat_face:

<MG State Lic Termite Operator #2446

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Interesting custom tool! How do you deal with fascias capped with metal/vinyl and or behind a gutter?

Great idea! Thanks!

Thank you for the tip!

Do the best ya can on circumstance provided by Simon.
I “tap” the bottom edge or above it @ the roof line lightly, sorta like create vibration using the middle of the stick not the end cap. Tap-tap-tap-tap-tap you get it huh? It’s an acquired thingy over the years.
Then I’m looking for debris (drywood termite fecal pellets) to drop out, sometimes they’ll fall thru the soffit screens.
You also adjust if the place looks gorgeous & there’s a crazed owner. Thru time, I’ve learned to just “peel back” the paint in suspect area (without detaching it), look around & then put back the paint. Wouldn’t be able to peel back anything in the 1st place if there was no damage. :cowboy_hat_face:

Down here if the overhang area is vinyl wrapped, it’s usually a sign of covering bunches of damage or you’re in a trailer park. Don’t see that stuff much at all.
And we’re talking about tons of termite inspections thru all these years.

I like to say termites have been very very good to me… …

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Thank you, from time-to-time I like confirming I’m not missing any magic (trade tricks).

I know you guys are big on stucco down there… here we cap the trim with metal coil to make it maintenance free other than occasional washing. Otherwise it’s vinyl trim. Synthetic or hard stucco (in residential) here is far few in between.

I know this thread is old but anyone looking for that tool can search “multi facet donger” or watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaXTNsL31sA

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