Termite inspection

Well I have contacted a few local pest control companies and most will do a free termite inspection but charge for a WDO report.

it used to be and may still be required by law to charge for a written WDO report. 482.226. I remember correctly.

Lots :slight_smile:

He would have to have done ‘lots’. After all, he has a CMI designation and we all know you need 1000 to qualify


That also :slight_smile:
Not nearly what I used to have :frowning:

Lots…Empty Lots?

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How about everybody stop working against one another & letting the government keep taking control over more & more aspects of our lives that they have no business being involved with in the 1st place. The system is designed to keep everyone focused on everything, but the real issues at hand so they can make everyone dependent upon & everything controlled by government, & everything’s going just as planned because of our ignorance. You think it’s bad now, keep focusing on minor & irrelevant problems like this while they continue taking away our freedom & independence, & it’s going to get a lot worse for everyone fast.

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