Termite Inspections

I was thinking about adding termite/insect pest to my ancillary inspections. I was also thinking about the AHIT course offered through Purdue University online. Has anybody taken this class? Is there another class that someone would recommend? And also has anybody ever seen a termite in North Dakota?

Most states require you to be a licensed operator to conduct termite inspections. Dont know about North Dakota. If all you need is a class to do a termite inspection, just remember you are adding more liability to yourself.

Who’s scared of a little liability. I think its a great idea and it also offers the realtors a one stop shop. I am also looking at doing termite inspections as well.

Mr. Wilcox, I have seen the material sent by Purdue University and I have to say that for $200.00, all you would receive is a binder void of actual pest photos. Hand drawn images of insects not of scale didn’t help me much.
A better solution can be found at the Washington
State University website where a half dozen short downloadable publications (free of charge) are much more informative from a visual standpoint.

Lawyers love inspectors who are not afraid of a little liability. Just make sure you cover your butt.

You should contact your local DEC or EPA. They are the people in charge of licensing.

Why not make an arrangement with a pest control company. You send them referrals, they agree to meet you at the house at the same time you are there, and they pay you $25 for each referral? Client pays them directly. You have no extra liability, no licensing, no chemical inventory costs, etc.

Thanks guys, I particularly like Joe’s idea!

I give a pest company about 4 referrals a week. He likes me for that. I like the extra $$. Make sure you have someone very responsive. I can call my guy with a last minute inspection and he can be at the house later the same day. You need someone with multiple crews to be that responsive. And his territory is as large as mine, so there is nowhere he won’t go. But you want somone very thorough also. You want the clients and Realtors to like him and his service to keep requesting it.

I have never seen a termite in ND, and I lived in Fargo for 7 mo. Farkin coldest place on the planet:shock: 37 below without the wind!!!

I would recomend that all HI’s add termite inspections to the list of thing you are qualified to do. As long as it is WDIIR and not WDO, take the classes and get PAID.$$$$