Found more termites today.

Many of you sell the termite inspection as a separate inspection, but I include it in my price so that I don’t have to sell two separate services. The difference is 5 minutes on a separate report.

If I get a client for a VA loan, then I bill the seller for $50 and discount my fee to the buyer $50.

Yep! sub mub tubes…
Did you refer?

Did I refer, what?

I am licensed to inspect for WDI. The house did not have any signs of past treatment. Therefore, I recommend treatment.

I quote a fee & tell them the termite is included at no additional fee.
No subcontracting, etc, blah blah.
My own license & termite company.
Termites have been very very good to me over the years. :mrgreen:

ps… you mention there was no evidence of previous treatment so you recommend one. What if it was treated 2 years ago & there is no warranty anymore?
I always recommend treatment “if not under a current warranty”. I tell my client no company will warrant another’s work that is not under warranty, the seller needs to produce the death certificate & prove it is current AKA presumptive evidence of infestation.