Terrible Red, Swollen, and Bumpy Face Rash

I’ve been wanting to know if anyone else has had this reaction. After demoing the interior of an old van, the next day I woke up to a wrinkly red swollen face (Looked like Deadpool!).

I waited days for it to go away but no luck came, so I had to go see a doctor who prescribed me a strong topical steroid. Not sure if it may have been an allergic reaction or possibly something to do with mold. My partner did not have any reaction.

I live in North Georiga near Atlanta. Have not met someone with this reaction. I’ve gotten this extreme face rash twice while working outdoors in unclean environments.

I’d love to know if anyone else experienced this type of rash?

only when I was in South East Asia :grimacing:


spring break Joe ???

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Not from mold ingestion.
Usually caused by sunlight, insects, sweating, overheating, etc.
Atopic dermatitis, eczema.
Do you have known allergies or asthma?

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I have a history of outdoor allergies, rosacea, and dry skin, but I work outside a lot and never seen anything like that rash. The van I was clearing out was filled with crud and old mud dauber and wasp nests. It was left outside a long time with windows opened.

Both times the rash occured was during the clean up process on the van. Since it’s clean up, I have not gotten a face rash to that extent.

I would stop van cleaning and think about home inspecting.