Test Help needed ASAP

I’ve been studying for my NHIE for Oregon and see a few discrepancies amongst answers via my online class and some online quizzing sites. Hoping for clarification.

  1. While inspecting a one-year-old house, slab on grade, you observe hairline cracks in the concrete floor with no vertical displacement. This indicates*
    A. Over hydrated Concrete
    B. Normal Plastic Shrinkage.
    C. Unstable Soil
    D. Insufficient reinforcement

I’ve answered both ways - A and B - but thought over-hydrated concrete is the problem (which I’ve read is the biggest problem with concrete applictaion). One test shows it one way the other shows it the other way. Please help.

  1. Which of the following is not a solid fuel heating device?
    A. A Woodstove
    B. A fireplace
    C. A coal furnace
    D. An electric heater

I answered D and that was wrong.

  1. While inspecting a home, you observe a large ceiling fan with built-in lamps. This installation requires a(an)

A. A strong ceiling.
B. pancake junction box.
C. An approved brace or box.
D. A larger junction box.

I answered C on one and that was marked wrong with them saying a strong ceiling was needed, then on another I answered A and that was marked wrong. I’ve read (and common sense maybe) would tell you an approved brace or box is needed to support the weight.

Thank you for your help - looking forward to getting this test behind me and getting out in the field!

My answers would be…

  1. B
  2. D
  3. C

I think there may be some errors in your online quizzes if those answers are marked incorrect.


I agree with Ryan.

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Definitely errors. If those are InterNACHI practice quizzes I would contact whom ever is in charge.
There have been Multiple post questioning the practice quizzes.


Agree with Ryan and the others - HI tests are far from perfect. Luckily, you don’t need to get them all correct :slight_smile:

Btw - I’ve had a couple (now) employees both pass the Oregon test on their first try so it’s definitely possible. If you’re prepared enough that you’re finding errors on the test I think you’re looking good!

I took in 20 years ago and was a different format where each section was separate and once you passed you were done with that section. The current setup is a bit tougher since it’s all or nothing. Good luck!


Thank you. Where in Oregon are you?

  • Serving Maui and Portland, OR Metro Area
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Just south of Portland in West Linn is where my company (multi-inspector) is based. I’ve mainly moved over to Maui and started a single-man operation. Be prepared - Portland is a REALLY tough market to compete in. Seemingly everyday I see a new HI truck rolling down the road. With Intel, Nike, etc. headquarters around, there is a real tech-savvy group. I’ve had a lot of guys ask me how/what to do and honestly I don’t have a great answer. I bought an existing company with a built-in client base 20+ years ago before things went crazy. I have a lot of agent friends and they report getting marketing daily from new inspectors. So, they pretty much just tune it all out.

LOL… I just typed this assuming you are in the Portland area - what part of Oregon are you in?

Very awesome to be in Maui! I’ll be working Bend and a few hours drive around Central Oregon. I’ve talked to a few agents (and got their cards :+1:) who say they can’t schedule inspections because there is nobody available. I hope that’s the case. I have to pass this test before I hit the ground running. I have 20 years in Emergency Services mainly in Fire Rescue - so hope that gives me a little bit of street credentials - we’ll see. I just want to make a decent living - fingers crossed. If you have any insight I’d love to hear it.

I’m on the mainland and just today drove back from visiting my oldest who moved to Bend a couple years ago. Of course, the weather in Bend was beautiful and miserable over the mountain and in the valley.

Back in the 80s I’d go to Bend with my folks who had some business there and it was just a small town. I can’t believe what it’s turned into. Just an awesome town overall. My kid was telling me it’s really a year-round city which is great news for inspections, etc.

Portland real estate has always slowed down a lot over the winter. I don’t track the Central Oregon numbers but am guessing there isn’t as much seasonality as over near Portland. With all the chaos in Portland I’ve heard of several groups of people I know moving over that way. I know Bend/Central Oregon has a good amount of HIs but you are likely in far better shape than in the Portland market.