test lab near Montreal

Anyone uses a testing lab near Montreal? (Asbestos, mold and so on) I tryed contacting Pro lab 5 times and never got a reply…


Air Labs, Paul Tellier 514-341-0000 paul@air-labs.com if this is for air testing.

Call me if more info required.



Patrick it is still located here!
Are you looking to get your Certification?
As for getting contact from them they are a satellite of the main PRO-LAB and are accredited by AIHA and other partners.
Montreal or anywhere near them does not have a PRO-LAB.

PRO-LAB (Toronto, Canada)

  • 40 Hanlan Road – Suite 45 Vaughan, ON L4L 3P6

  • 1-954-384-4446

  • 1-954-332-1007 (Fax)

  • info@reliablelab.com

Thx Gilles an Kevin, i get asked that question a lot …so now i have the answer!

Air labs is a Pro-Lab affiliate in Montreal.

Please explain because I have no Idea what you mean by the Gilles.
This area is not listed as a test site.