Test your ID skills

For those that don’t sub out your commercial refrigeration do you know what some of the items are that you might see installed on a commercial walk in cooler/freezer.


I knew you would show up first… Sure What;-)

Let some one else go first.

Sure why not you probaly have every sales catalog ever published on your desk top:p

Here’s a screenshot of my desktop AFTER I cleaned it up yesterday.




Well Mike; BA didn’t take a shot at it so It’s just me and you. No Commercial inspectors here. Everyone must use Subs except me:(

Left to right:

Head Pressure Control Regulator
Evap Pressure Regulator
Suction Accumulator
TXV-Expansion valve

All correct master Chief except # 4 not a TXV:D

Yeah, I didn’t think that one was right. It looks like it could be a bypass pressure regulator too. I took a swing at it and missed the ball. Good question though. You know the old saying. “No _____ no blue chips.”

This is correct just another brand of head control valve.