Test your Roofing Defect Skills

Take a guess on what caused the granule loss on this roof

Today I partially removed a section of roofing to make way for a Portical I am building on 1930s Cottage style house, This is what some parts of the roof looks like.

I know what the answer is, Take a guess. :thinking: :thinking: :smiley: :smiley:

From the looks of it with the granules popped off, I would think it overheated from lack of ventilation.

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Looks like hail damage.


That is my vote too hail damage.


It looks like hail damage, Butt no.

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Woodpeckers, giant pterodactyls.


You are getting close. :crazy_face:

Lichen and moss damage


Looks like you have a tar strip leak too!

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It is deceiving, but yes you got it. :+1: :smiley:

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there are clues in the pic. moss and lichen.

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Scott I knew I was close with the pterodactyls


It was only a small section shaded by a tree.
Well, that was fun :smiley:

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Could it be rodents running on the roof leaving damage ?

I had to look at it a second time and noticed it looked like my shed roof after I cleaned it.
I pressure washed mine after I killed the moss and surprised I did not loose much granule. Of course mine was black.

I cleaned some of it off before I went on the roof, Slip hazard. It was the lichen that poped the granules.

Roof stuff?
I thought it was some kinda cream puff or bread.

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The lichen is very damaging to shingles.

I see the lichen and moss on a lot of roofs, usually under a tree overhanging the roof, or on the north side of the lower roof shaded by the upper floor. I’ve always commented on it being there and that it should be carefully removed. But when they ask me how to do that, I just say “carefully”, maybe with a non-aggressive broom. How best should one clean that lichen off without damaging the roof? I saw a neighbor with a pressure washer do it several years ago, and 3 years later when I moved away I could still see the marks on his roof where he sprayed.

You need to us

All kind of products out there if you Google it.
I tried it on my shed with a moss killer, waited a week and then used my low pressure washer to clean it off. Did not damage the shingles except where the lichen had already eaten away down to the matt surface. Posted the picture^^^^