Testing Air Conditioner

I have a question regarding testing a Central Air Condition Unit in temps below 60°F. I performed a home inspection a few weeks ago when temps were in the 80’s. The A/C Unit would not start using thermostat controller. The homeowner has since repaired the unit and the potential buyer (for whom I did initial inspection) would like me to verify it’s operation. I’m scheduled to do it in a week, and almost certain ambient temperatures will be 40-50°F (located in NW Ohio).

Any recommendations?

Rob Sutton

Help the buyer get the signed off permit and a copy of the invoice for warranty purposes.

I wouldn’t do much beyond seeing the fan blade spins.

40- 50 degree operation may not be a good idea.

Did you suggest repairs by a licensed HVAC technician? If so get the receipt for work done.

They say it works, then have them prove it.

Do not touch it as if the repair is no good you will get blamed for its not working.
Have the homeowner or HVAC guy turn it on. I would not get involved in qualifying a repair.