Testing and Practice Tests

Good Morning,

I passed the Internachi Home Inspection test :slight_smile:

I also bought a PSI Practice Test and failed.

I did another PSI test and passed.

I am scheduled to test (for real) This Wednesday… am I ready? Is there anything else I can look at to prepare?? I don’t to fail… not to mention lose a couple hundred bucks.

Any help would be appreciated.



Keep taking the practice tests, the questions are always different. Study your weaker areas.
Good luck…

The practice tests are $50. a whack… maybe one more.

I’m referring to the InterNACHI tests…

Do the nachi study guide. 2000+ questions. I went through every question twice and only missed 3 on the national. Good luck.


What exactly is a “PSI Practice Test”, and why do you need to take it?

Pounds Per Square Inch…Don’t you remember how much** pressure** was on you to take (pass) your tests?? :mrgreen:

I’m more familiar with how much** pressure** must be applied to acheive… Oops… sorry… this be a public thread! :twisted:

Thanks (Again) Nick…

Taking tests or reading books does not make a home inspector.

No, but you can pass the test.

Yes, sad how state HI laws are. All are basic, minimal standards. So are books and tests.

Some CMI’s think so.

Sorry I couldn’t resist.

You opened the door very wide.:shock:

Whatever you may think, (and there is a LOT of diversity here), InterNACHI is the obvious leader in this field, full stop! It would be virtually impossible for any party to show just cause for otherwise!

Tests don’t make you a better home inspector which is why InterNACHI awards zero continuing education hours for passing them. Passing a test, especially the NHIE, proves that you have a brain that can remember a list of facts.

Conversely, courses do make you a better home inspector.

Jeff PSI is the testing agent for New Hampshire.

I agree… passing the test doesn’t make you a home inspector either… I have a plan where I gain enough experience so at some point I can feel confident to go on my own. The study guides, tests are all a part of the equation. Thanks for all of the great advice.