Testing Branch Circuits with SureTest

Hey Guys ( Gals )

here is a nice little article on using your suretest to test branch circuits which is what most HI’s do.

Again I have not gone over it with a FINE TOOTH COMB for those who like to berate me…so take it for what it is worth and hope some find it helpful when using your Suretest.


I just do the basic tests (check for proper wiring, AFCIs, GFCIs). I don’t use it for every outlet.

Normally, I use the 3 light tester because it’s quick and easy and follow-up with Suretest if I find a problem. I use the Suretest on older homes, exclusively however, to test for false grounds.

Are you aware of how to use the unit to detect a high level of voltage drop as a result of a bad connection and so on when doing some advanced testing?

The SureTest is a great tool for selling yourself on some advanced circuit testing for new construction if you feel comfortable in going over that line.

The additional advantage is actually getting a low voltage reading and seeing what that is…could be a product of a high resistant connection within the circuit from a bad device…and if you know the proper method to map it you can assist in finding it but again thats advanced stuff…but I figured some would like to know how and so on…not knowing is cool also…

Disclaimer -
Those that don’t us a SureTest at all…so be it…don’t need anyone coming in saying "but paul thats beyond our scope…yeah…yeah…what ever…I think I know that now after 2 years "

I tested a circuit in a new $750,000 home and the voltage drop at the opposite end of the house from the service was in excess of 10%. NEC recommends no more than 5%.

Thanks Paul.