Testing Breakers

I’ve never heard of this being promoted before. Please let me know what you think of the first article

The article it links to is terrible advice for the typical home owner.

Untrained persons should not be in a panel, especially with the cover off.

Testing for voltage does nothing to ensure the breaker will trip properly.

Given how rarely breakers fail this is even more useless information.

Hello All,

I believe what went wrong here is that the home inspector made an attempt to oversimplify a process of exercising circuit breakers. His use of the term “Power” is incorrect but maybe it appeals better to those less in the know.

The last sentence is where he needs to use his editing tools and chop it off. However, there are “home-bies” who will attempt to check their circuit breakers without really knowing what they are checking…which is scary…with growth of DIYers we just hope they learn what PPE means and uses it.