Testing new feature: "Live Topic"

Hey folks,

We’re testing out a new feature this morning. It’s called “Live Topic” and here’s how it works:

When you post a new topic, or reply to one, it becomes “Live” for a short period of time. When a topic is live, replies come in live, even if you don’t refresh the page. Think of it as a chat extension for the message board. On highly active topics, where people are are going back and forth (posting within minutes, or even seconds of each other) the new posts will stream in live while you’re on the page—you can just sit there and watch them fly by, or join in the chat and watch your, and everyone else’s posts pop up live on the screen.

It’s kind of hard to describe—you’ll just have to see it in action.

We’re testing it this morning to see if there are any major bugs that creep up in the first couple of hours. If all goes well, we’ll do an extended test for a few days. This feature uses a lot of bandwidth, so I’m not 100% sure that it will fit in with our current set up, but it’s worth checking out.

Let me know what you think, or if you find any bugs.


Sounds like a good idea

Nice! I just saw your reply pop up, live :slight_smile:

LOL i have not seen anything yet

so i do not have to refresh?

No—you shouldn’t need to refresh.

Ok i switch to mozilla i want to see how it works in a different browser

Wow I just saw wilson pop right up. I love it.

LOL hello billy boom you there

Yep pretty cool isn’t it?

Pretty cool, eh?

a lot better

Yes it is. Seems to work like a charm Chris.

Let’s see how this works

What browser were you using before you switched to Firefox, Wayne?

I hate to refresh all the time.

now all we need is a video feed too lol

Cool. Will we keep this?

I hope so

The only bug I see so far is that it doesn’t convert your username to your full name when you’re in live chat. I’ll see what I can do about that.