Testing Policies

I also took the test in Orlando and everthing went extremly smooth. Thank you Zeo for a fine job…

what is the aug test schedule? I need to take the test.

Great work Zoe.
I also was very Pleased with the whole process. Thank you so much. Zoe for your time.
Andy Christel, Andy’s Eagle Eye Home Inspections LLC



I sent out the 1025 e-mails yesterday evening and night. I can only send 500 e-mails an hour or verizon shuts me down for 24 hours ((*&^&^%^%^% BS)

I broke the e-mails down into groups by Area code

Fill those applications in and e-mail back to me. I want to have the new scudule posted by Friday -which means I have to contact all the Hotels and make reservations for the conference rooms.


I have worked out a system that allows you to receive both your certificate and examination result letter at the site - without making you wait

I broke the e-mails down into groups by Area code

To help Inachi as a whole, you do not need to worry agout local area codes.

This is a brain whim to make some money to get a license for local Inachi in Florida.

Not a good feeling for me and still a no vote.

There are a few more voters here if they chime in. :slight_smile:

? Huh…

Does this not just shock anyone besides me? he talks about having his wife take the test as if it were a 3rd grade math test. Might as well get her qualified while the getting is easy.

If you are in SW Florida please do NOT brag about being licesed. I have over 4,000 people who have read the emails I have been sending out showing what a scam this is. So if your making a big deal about it, well I am telling them its NOT A BIG DEAL and its working. Realtors are writing me back feeling duped and misled…I am loving it!

Think FL is easy? Other states are even easier: No background checks, no fingerprints, no insurance requirements, no continuing education requirements.

Remember, don’t blame the DBPR, they are merely implementing what your duly elected legislators came up with and what your governor signed into law.

I am not blaming ANYONE. But people are sending Realtors these emails like they are the second coming of Nick!

They make it sound like they had to have 1,000,000 inspections, 2000 hours of education and engineering and architectural degree.

I told them the truth about $600, insurance about 4 hours and enough knowledge to make you dangerous…thats all you need.

Some were very upset because they were misled. The truth shall set you free…

Once you loose a persons trust…very hard to get back.

Most agents I run into dont know or care about home inspector licensing

They do here. So many people are making a huge issue out of it. You can tell the day they get licesed. They send emails out to all the Realtors saying how they should hire a LICENSED HOME INSPECTOR…its comical really.

Dennis you live in Miami after March 2011 they still wont care if your licensed or not.

Thats so true. I havent had one agent ask. I think people just assume you are licensed, like most trades. Most just care about price

Yep. So true. In fact, many agents find it perplexing when a home inspector brags about merely being legal. It’s like a contractor bragging and advertising that the work he does is “up to code.” It better be! Being licensed or up to code is such a low bar that anything less is illegal.

Hate to do it but… I gotta plug “Certified Master Inspector.” Says it all in 3 quick words. “I’m Licensed!” says nothing.

DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT…I agree with Nick…man this hurts…

If you don’t publicly announce your in agreement, it wont hurt as much. Just trying to ease your pain.

Thanks man…but ya give credit where credit is due…SUCKS, but the right thing to do.

A lot of this could have been avoided if you had backed the legislation that was put forth back in 2002-2003. You fought it and now any yahoo can get in by taking a mere simple test and a couple of hours of sitting in a room.

For the life of me I can’t imagine that Nick is upset over with what happened since Jeb Bush refused to sign the bill back in 2004. :wink:

No governor can veto Certified Master Inspector. :cool: