Testing some changes to the forum's look and feel

Agree, but you have to begin somewhere, and the quality of the title is something we have control over, and is fixable.

Here’s another ‘fine’ title (for a potentially very useful thread) that makes the search feature virtually useless… https://www.nachi.org/forum/f2/heard-co-114392/

I use the 2008 version also.

The light blue background in the 2008 version is easier on the eyes than the other white versions.

Hi all,

Now we have a “wide” version of the InterNACHI 2016 Interim theme, without a sidebar. So, if you want, give it a try :wink:


Nice… beats the heck out of 2013/2016!

I still prefer the minimal version.

And as much as I like blue (is also my company colors) I do find the various hues of blue a bit annoying… they are off like one shade too light for my tastes.

Worst search box on the web sits here. Chris how can you not know that. Come on now dude… ������

Font on 2013 looks best with big screen phone. 2016 font looks to run into each other and hard to read on the eyes.