Testo 882 320x240 Promo

Guys this is a pretty insane promo.

Testo 882 for $5995.00.

Or the Testo 882 with Level I or Level II Infraspection Distance Learning course for $6495.00. That is only $500 for ASTM certified level I infrared training!

Promo will end at the end of May.

Key points on the Testo 882.

-320x240 resolution
-60mk thermal sensitivity
-USB out / Video out
-interchangeable batteries
-accommodates additional optics
-magnesium frame
-software included
-integrated digital camera
-LED lights
-laser pointer

Testo is the number 3 player in the IR industry. They are out of Germany. They are mostly known for their HVAC-R test and measurement equipment. Testo quality is about as good as it gets.

Jason Kaylor
VP of Specialty Products
AC Tool Supply

Look forward to comments from those having tried it.

Give Jim a buzz over at Infraspection. He has played with one.


That sure smacks like a sales promotion.

Regardless, I use a Testo 875. I like it and it serves its purpose. Has been very reliable with everyday use. Rugged, good hand grip to the instrument, easy to see clear and colorful screen. Easy controls. Good refresh rate for real time viewing. Basic software like the others. Affordable and specs compare to a bigger guy. Not impressed with the Testo manual.

Your pitch is better than mine :slight_smile: What exactly did you think I was doing? It is a sales promotion, I thought the intro. stated such???

If you think their manual is bad, check out their website. There is something different with German concepts and ideas vs our own here. Their website looks great but the navigation is horrible.