Testo 885-1 Thermal Imager

I was lookin at a Flir E8 XT to compliment my C5 and I wanted to start offering IR as an add-on service.
A friend has a Testo 885-1 brand new in the box and only wants about $3K. He said he paid about $7k, 2 years ago and i see them regularly for about $9k…

Anyone have any experience with these Testo 885-1’s ? Would this buy be worth it?

Try to find out the unit and service department qualities…

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I would purchase it.
Testo 885-1 Thermal Imaging Camera, 320 x 240 FPA, NETD < 30 mK. Thermal sensitivity is great. 30 mK.

Just did! Thanks. I can always use a Imager with this sensitivity and to view ceilings and floors without bending over … Amazon has one for $6,750…guess sometimes good deals do come along… not very often…Testo just does not have the name recognition here in the states but many HVAC guys love their products…simple to understand, just not the prettiest colors😀

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I am jealous. Good for you. I would have purchased that equipment in a heartbeat for $3,000. Testo make very good test equipment. German engineering. Testo SE & Co. KGaA, headquartered in the Black Forest in Lenzkirch, Germany, HVAC industry test measurement equipment leaders.
Calibration and parts should be no trouble.