Testo IR cameras

Looks like a good deal at $4995



We have been considering bringing these on over the past few weeks. I am going for a demo next week.

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This might be a stupid question but regarding Fluke and Testo, could I use the Testo IR camera, then download and use those pictures with my Fluke software?

Kevin, how does your fluke store he pics, if is on a SD card you might be able to. If your coming to the meeing tomorrow bring some pics and I’ll put them into my flir software and see what happens.

Like most cameras, both Fluke and Testo can store images in either proprietary or non-proprietary formats like BMP or JPG. You cannot cross-read proprietary images but you can set up either to capture data in a non-proprietary format or convert it after it is captured. When using a non-proprietary format you lose the ability to adjust level and span and retain radiometric validity.

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Wow----has some great advantages, nice find Gerry.

The Fluke store their images in a .TS format, then you can convert them to whatever format you wish in the SmartView software.

FLIR stores in .JPG.

John worded with proprietary or non-proprietary, I just put it in plain english :slight_smile:

On another note, there is another large company entering the thermal camera business Feb 1st. I am not sure if I can say who it is yet, but I will when I get the go ahead. Their camera, they are only producing 1 at first, is more suited towards industrial applications. I doubt any HI’s will be using it. They went at it a little different way. The extra features on the camera are amazing, but the resolution and thermal sensitivity is weak to say the least. 47x47 and 300mk respectively. Many of the extra features you will not find on a camera for less than 15k. I was shocked when I saw the unit. I was expecting a horrible picture, and it wasn’t. And the thermal sensitivity didn’t seem horrible either, even though it was 300mk.

John what is a “pyro” type detector? I read up on it a little but couldn’t figure out if it had any benefits or negatives to the microbolometers. The engineer told me it is a spinning disk inside the unit. I would think any moving parts would be a big negative, but I could be wrong.

Their unit will be approx $3500 list.

Jason Kaylor – JJ
VP of Sales
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I went to the meeting on Tuesday but nobody showed up. I got back to my office for the first time that day around 8pm and seen that the meeting was canceled. You guys missed some really good spaghetti. All you can eat.:smiley:

Has anyone actually seen one of these?

Dear All:

Testo infrared cameras will be on display today and tommorow at the IR/INFO Conference in Orlando, FL. Imagers from several other leading manufacturers will also be on display.

This is an excellent opportunity to see the latest technology and to test drive a wide variety of cameras and make side-by-side comparisons all in one place.

Admission to the Exhibitor Showcase is FREE!

Showcase hours are as follows:
Monday, January 19: 8 am to 5 pm
Tuesday, January 20: 8 am to 12 noon
Infraspection Institute will also be presenting a Short Course titled, Selecting, Specifying, and Purchasing Thermal Imagers.

This course is a must-see for anyone looking to buy their first infrared camera or upgrade their inventory. All IR/INFO short courses are free to full conference attendees. For single-day visitors, course admission can be purchased for $99.

Selecting, Specifying, and Purchasing Thermal Imagers is scheduled for January 19 at 11:00 am at the Holiday Inn International Drive Resort in Orlando, FL.

For more information on IR/INFO, please call 609-239-4788 or visit us online at: www.irinfoconference.com.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Jim Seffrin

Infraspection Institute

The information is great…just kinda late

They have been advertising the event for months. I am going to check out the camera tomorrow.

let me know what you think please…

Will Do. They are giving away a IR Camera tomorrow afternoon.

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Well I checked out the camera today. It is not really what I would want. The camera I did see today that I will be upgrading to in the future is the Flir B60.