Texas Approves InterNACHI's Inspector Legal & Ethics Course

Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC)Approves InterNACHI’s Inspector Legal & Ethics Course for Home Inspector Continuing Education.

As my favorite President of all time would say… this is HUGE!

This is HUGH! Thanks Nick!

Do we have the other four hours CEU for the SoP’s? This is a two part required class that must be taken every license renewal period.

Hello Paul,

Yes, we do have the Standards of Practice Course approved as well. Please click here for that course.

Perfect timing! I just sent an inquiry about this course to FastReply today - Thanks!

Texas Standards of Practice Review - InterNACHI

Wow, the course is on fire. A lot of members taking it this morning.

Is it just me or are others having problems getting to the test. My desktop is windows 10 with the latest version of Adobe Flash installed. I bought a new webcam a Logitech C270 which works with it’s installed display and recording as well as the Windows camera app. Once I get to the proctor’s site the display bar shows a loading bar but when it goes away nothing is being displayed. Are we just to tab through these and take the test unrecorded? It does pick up the microphone and the browser information.

It took me as long to get through the silly self-proctoring setup as it did to take the actual course. They should give notice at the beginning of the course and provide an opportunity to set up and test at that time. I had to borrow a camera and mike from my wife because I don’t have that crap on my work computer.

I immediately uninstalled Flash as soon as I was finished due to its security vulnerabilities.

Hi Robert,
Have you checked to make sure your computer meets the requirements here? That page also has a button on the lefthand side for an online support chat that may be worth checking out. We can also setup a screen share session if those things don’t solve your problem, so I may investigate deeper.


O well. I got everythig set up, paid my $20 proctor fee, entered my username and password. It sent me here instead of to the test. I give up.

Is proctoring a new TREC requirement for the course?

I’m not sure, but I suspect so. I took the SOP class recently and did not have to go through the goofy self-proctoring process, but I did with the legal and ethics class.

They don’t tell you at the start of the course that you must have a sanitized room and one monitor computer with Flash running along with a camera and Mic before you can take the exam. I spent about 1/2 hour just removing disallowed materials out of my office so that I could self-proctor. Nevermind the hardware and software setup.

After my post I was sent an email referencing TREC Rule 535.72 (h)(1)(B). What a goofy set of rules for a CEU course that does not appear to do much good given the things and disciplinary actions we see out there!! :roll:

Hello everyone, and yes, TREC has changed everything for this course online and in-person. Because so many inspectors not having this class to renew their licensee, we are offer this class at our annual conference just for you. You must have these two 4-hours classes to renew your TREC License. Recommend that you plan way ahead to take these classes to prevent having your license suspended from not qualifying for renewal without having taken these classes…

And like a Knight on a trusty steed TPREIA rides in to the rescue! :slight_smile:

Ok, Im confused…how exactly do I set up or create or locate a “Proctior” for an InterNACHI exam that is self paced between inspections?