Texas Calls For Inspectors In Hurricane Areas

I just got this in my email…


Is this similar to FEMA’s Disaster Housing Program?

Not sure… waiting for more info.

Remember, if this is a TRCC program (which it appears to be) then a TREC licensed inspector is not indemnified from errors like a code official is. You miss a code issue and you will be responsible for it. Now, I will say, that is true for the county TRCC inspection program, and this program may be different. Get the details before signing up.

Just got this…

i’ve been staying busy so have not enrolled in this. are you guys signing up? i’d like to hear how the jobs are.

Many have signed up but only few calls for inspectors are going out because of conditions
in hurricane damaged areas.

Just got this message.

The request for hurricane Ike inspectors has ceased.