Texas commentary

I spent about 40 hours reviewing the proposed commentary including a review of the SoP.

Attached is my response for public comments regarding the draft commentary. I sent it to all Commissioners and TREC staff.

The inspector standards commitee is meeting 1-11-10

I 100% agree that over regulation is bad for the profession. Thanks for the response letter.

AFCI protection other than bedrooms is still NOT enforced in El Paso but every new house gets a bad mark for it missing. My clients want to know why and the agents wonder why the inspectors have to call it out.

I have to tell them it is a TREC requirement and that the city has not adopted the new standard yet.



You did a great job and your document is well written. I agree with your report. Is there any indication that real estate agents will ever be required to have some understanding of the SOP?