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I have just moved here from Wyoming and want to find out where I can take the required courses for the Professional Inspector. NACHI has some but not the required number of hours. I have been a member of NACHI since 2007 and have inspected over 1000 houses. I am a certified thermographer and do air quality, mold and meth inspections. My website is infraredinspectionsoftexas.com.
Thank you.

Stuart Harnden


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Champions School is a good source.

As an FYI, having a website active before you are licensed, even if you don’t explicitly use the term home inspection, risks running afoul of TREC. You also advertise other services which require licensing to practice.

Also you state

Being “Infrared Certified” does not make one a Professional Thermographer anymore than simply owning an infrared instrument does.

Hi Chuck,
I was informed by NACHI that I could do Thermal imaging and air Quality inspections.
I was using thermal imaging before any body knew what it was. I have been inspecting roofs in Wyoming and Montana for over 10 years. I just retired my $15,000 infrared camera as a new Flir 8 does a much better job. To show how much tech improves each year I was only able to get $500.00 for my old camera at a flea market.


HI Chuck,
I did not mean to come across Snarky. I am 84 years old and my kids say I can be nasty1day a month. I got my first infrared camera from a fire department back in early 2000’s. They bought it and nobody new how to use it, so they sold it to me and I did not know how to use it. After about spending about 25 mid nights under and on warehouse roofs I finally figured it out. I am sorry if I came across as a smart ***. I just have to have something to do to keep me busy.
Thank you, Have a great day “GOD BLESS”


Welcome to Texas

AFIK (you will want to verify for yourself): You can do inspections that do not fall under the jurisdiction of TREC or another state agency. Theoretically you could do infrared inspections. However, TREC considers any inspection related to the sale of a property, whether for buyer or seller, to be under their jurisdiction, so I wouldn’t be sure that they would not consider your thermal work to be under their jurisdiction. I personally would not think it should be under their jurisdiction, but my opinion doesn’t matter at all to TREC. It is my understanding that they sued a well regarded stucco specialist some years back for not having a TREC license and he won, but it cost him a lot of money to do so.

You should be able to do home check-up / maintenance and 12 month warranty inspections all you want so long as they are not part of a real estate transaction.

Texas, does not require licensing for general Indoor Air Quality testing, but they do for mold, asbestos and lead, so be careful to stay on the right side of their licensing reqs. The Texas Department of State Health Services controls these licenses.

Termite inspections require a license from the Texas Department of Agriculture.

P.S. I just went to Wyoming last October to go Pronghorn hunting. It’s a beautiful state.

Hi Chuck,
I lived here 19 years ago, and what a cultural shock when I came back. The street my office was on, a two lane road is now a six lane road. I came back to be with the kids. I buried my third wife this past June and I really hated to leave I had a small farm in Powell and had a built in herd of 50 mule deer. I just got some pictures of my 12 year old grandson with his first buck. This is his first year as you have to be 12 to hunt. He also got a Doe and a Pronghorn. Living in Wyoming is an experience that is hard to duplicate. Lots of land and only 500,000 people to share it with. When I am done with life I will go back there.
Thank you,