Texas inspection volunteer sought.

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OK… posting.

Nick Gromicko
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I need someone who can assist me is taking the Texas inspection to the PDA and have that inspection meet the requirements of TREC. They will get the software for free (or they can give it to some one). Since Texas has a lot of swimming pools, I would like to be able to include that as well if they are familiar with the requirements. In short, I need to be able to have a valid Texas inspection framework that someone can help me build on the PDA.

It does not have to be just one person, I?ll take as many as three as long as they are from different parts of the state.

Thanks for your follow up.
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Nick Gromicko

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I have a PDA but it’s a Compaq Aero, not a Palm or handspring. Does that matter?

And I'm in TX. ![icon_cool.gif](upload://oPnLkqdJc33Dyf2uA3TQwRkfhwd.gif)


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