Texas Inspectors and sewer camera inspection

Reactivating this topic. Texas Attorney General opinion says the law does not prevent inspectors from doing camera sewer inspections. Nick was correct one year ago. See the attached opinion. https://www.texasattorneygeneral.gov/opinions/ken-paxton/kp-0294

Has TREC rescinded their earlier ruling?

I believe a regulatory agency ruling is essentially an opinion of Statute or Rule. An Attorney General opinion very easily trumps an agency opinion or ruling. If anyone wants to offer the service simply send an email to TREC Enforcement. They will probably reply with circular “if it goes to a court” reply but I will bet a steak they are not going to buck the AG. TREC has always respected the AG 100%.

I expect the Plumbing Board will try to change the statute to prevent inspectors from doing it . . . . if they can get past not being renewed the last legislative session. That was not an oversight by the Governor :> Heck they are temps at this time. They should lobby by handing out toilet paper.