Texas InterNACHI inspectors now get discounts to these Texas attractions.

(Nick Gromicko, CMI) #1

Fort Worth Zoo, Grand Ole Opry, Malibu Grand Prix, Mountasia, Shlitterbahn South Padre Island and Braunfels, Sea World San Antonio, and Six Flags.

To access our Super Deals page, click on the bottom link of our benefits page: www.nachi.org/benefits.htm

(Lorrie L. LHeureux) #2

Members have to pay for Texas courses??
This site is much harder to navigate then before.
I need the Sop. Ethics and review. I have to pay for these
As a member? Please advise ASAP.

(Lorrie L. LHeureux) #3

Why does it say I’m an applicant when I have taken and passed all the required classes to become certified?
What is going?

(Emmanuel J. Scanlan, TREC# 7593) #4

Where are you located? Please place your information in your profile.

Also have you obtained a Texas license? I do not see you on the TREC license search.

(Nick Gromicko, CMI) #5

No, our courses are all free.

(Nick Gromicko, CMI) #6

Simply sort by Texas on the left of the education page: Free Home Inspector Training Courses & Online Classes - InterNACHI and the Texas-approved courses will magically appear.

(Nick Gromicko, CMI) #7

Sign your online affidavit: InterNACHI: Int’l Association of Certified Home Inspectors . Then log out of the message board. Then log back into the message board.