Texas, leaky basement , listen to this guy lolol

:50 mark, note the efflorescence etc… he says, ‘They waterproofed it’, lol, how, where man?
Patching on the inside? wow lollll

‘Historical elevator’…

1:50 → 2:45 , they again patched inside, says they will fill in gaps, on the INSIDE!! lollll smh

4:25 more of the same, “2 floors down”… says they chipped it out and will fill it in, wow SCARY people man and incompetent

The problems, the openings that are allowing water in are… on the OUTSIDE!!

:05 mark, ‘Hardware’

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Same guy, same house. He’s only 90% sure that water is not going to come into his interior waterproofing. And he didn’t really sound that confident when he said it.

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That certainly looks like a job for super flex seal Mark…and thanks for the the enlightenment on that song, here I always though it was about carpeting in an elevator…Your posts are always educational Sir!

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lol good find Richard, i didn’t bother seeking more of his weak stuff

James!!! lolllll Yes sir, flex it baby!