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Dear Members,

I wanted to take a minute to thank all the EEF members and others who provided feedback to the Texas Mold regulations. It is with the help of our members that makes our partnership with the Texas Department of Health a valuable asset to the State, the Nation and the industry. EEF had personal representation at the final board vote as well as made a presentation on the issues.

I also want to request that every member forward this message to ALL of your industry colleagues, as this is a perfect opportunity for us to continue our expansion of IAQ professional members. The EEF has welcomed the merger of several groups into our organization over the past 15 years, the most recent being the members of the Indoor Air Quality Coalition and the International Association of Mold Remediation Specialists. Both of these groups brought hundreds of professional members from around the country that helped grow our IAQ related membership and complemented our existing members from the legal, lending, insurance, waste, water and other related fields.

It is with one voice that we work to keep members informed and strive to build the quality of the environmental field as a true profession. If you are receiving this message from an EEF member, we welcome you to join, and will show special consideration for your education, experience and any related certifications you may gained in the last few years. http://www.enviro-ed.org/Pages/Membership.htm

Lastly, I wanted to provide everyone with a couple of latest developments at the EEF:

1.. The EEF has been asked by the EPA for guidance and recommendations on the full range of issue that will assist the EEF and EPA in evaluation of the EPAs I-BEAM (IAQ Building Education and Assessment Model), EPA's draft IAQ Green Building Guidance and an EEF/EPA training module ?Integration of IAQ and Energy Efficiency in Well Managed Buildings' (based on the 5-staged ENERGY STAR program) for industry adoption as a preferred Operations & Maintenance plan and related training. These are some of the very documents various States are deferring to as they come up with their own regulations. All interested member who whish to be considered for this EPA committee are encouraged to contact me via email.

2. The EEF has also been appointed to serve as the Environmental, Health and Safety consultants to the United Nations. As our membership continues to expand internationally, this appointment helps to confirm that our efforts to address IAQ issues on a global scale are not only needed ? but welcomed.

I look forward to your continued support and thank you for your membership. I am also looking forward to welcoming many new members in the weeks to come.



The following are links to the new Texas Mold Law and Preamble.


The Texas Board of Health adopted the final rules concerning the regulation
of mold-related activities that affect indoor air quality on April 15, 2004.

This link will allow you to download the take you "The preamble" that
outlines the various changes proposed and the TDOH conclusions.


This link will allow you to download the amended Final Mold Assessment and Remediation Rules. We anticipate that the notice of adoption and the
amendments will be published in the Texas Register on April 30th. The rules will become effective 20 days after appearing in the Texas Register.


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