Texas Real Estate Commission Inspector

Can a TREC Licensed Professional Home Inspector keep his Texas License if he moves to New Mexico ??

There are no specific prohibitions in the State Law and/or TREC rules against that. However as per Rule 535.217 you have 30 days of changing your address to notify TREC it has changed. You would also be subject to all laws and rules when exercising the license in Texas which means if you want to keep it active you must still carry E&O insurance.

That is actually a good question to ask TREC since there are no rules/laws specifying you must be a State resident to obtain and/or renew an Inspector license here. Drop them an email asking and let us know what they say.

I wouldn’t expect there to be one. What about the guy that lives just over state lines and wan’t to operate in both states? I believe it is allowed in every licensed state. Then again… they don’t have TREC! :wink:

Thanks I’ve already asked TREC, waiting on response

I had a friend that was licensed and lived in San Antonio. His wife got transferred to Salt Lake. They anticipated in moving back to Texas in 4-5 yrs so told me just renewed his Texas license as something called INACTIVE. He said that way it was still there but until he reactivated it he did not have to carry insurance or do CE each year

Yes he can place his license in an “Inactive” state until it expires. During that time, according to the rules, he would not need to carry insurance and would not need to complete CE until such time as he chooses to reactivate the license. Naturally he could not legally perform any inspections while the license is “Inactive”. However to reactivate the license he would have to complete all normal prior CE and obtain E&O (not needed for his “Inactive” period) before requesting it be renewed again.