texas realestate

Charley Sparks here. Not an inspection question (although I have a few). My daughter will be coming home from Korea and will be stationed in El Paso soon and is in the process of buying a new home in the area. The selling agent is adding their commission, the cost of the gas meter and a tankless water heater to the contract price. Looks like bs to me but do they do things different in Texas?


Not sure what is going on without a little more information. We don’t know the terms of her purchase contract and there may be extenuating circumstances that resulted in these being added to any counter offer or listing. Her best answers are from the JAG who should be able to provide some guidance if they are offering legal assistance these days. Also the Base Housing Office may have additional information to help her again if they are doing that these days.

If a house is listed with an agent, the sales commission is typically in there???