Texas (TREC) REI-7A-0 form needed

Does anyone have the TREC REI-7A-0 basic property inspection form in MS Word format? Just looking to obtain the basic form only. Help is appreciated.

Hi Manny,

here is the basic text from the original .pdf if it’s of any use to you.



Hi Gerry,

Thanks for the Doc. I was trying to see if anyone had one they converted from the REI-7A-0 .pdf into a duplicate in Word, complete with formatting, fonts, etc. Unfortunately TREC is very demanding about how the form is formatted but refuses to provide a word processing version. Also unfortunately I don’t have a .pdf editor to work with the form.


Just received an email from Gerry Beaumont with what I was looking for!! Gerry took the time to find what I was unable to.

A classic example of NACHI members helping NACHI members! That’s what I like about this organization!!!