Thank you Allen Blaker of Arizon SunTech.

Many thanks to Allen Blaker of Arizona SunTech for permitting NACHI to use his school facilities for NACHI meetings.

Please visit his Arizona SunTech at

and our upcoming NACHI meeting at

Thanks Allen!

I second that thanx.

Thank You Allen.:smiley:

And a 3rd thanks from me.

I’ve only ever heard positive things about Arizona Sun Tech and Allen Blaker, who is a tried and tested industry leader.

Carefull Keith, you can lay the blame on SunTech and Alan Blaker for helping me enter it HI Industry.:smiley:

Always happy to see your smiling face, Brian, and appreciate how much you’re willing to share with others. Cheers.

:smiley: =D> Thank you Allen Blaker =D> :smiley:

Alan Blaker is a very good inspector and person. He helped me out a great deal when I first started in the business. He was always willing to answer any questions I had and always was willing to share the wealth of knowledge that he has. I hope that someday I get to meet him in person.

Thanks Alan

He has accomodations at his school for 150 students so it is perfect for our AZ meetings.

Nick, if you’re following this, Allen Blaker is a true industry leader, and NACHI would benefit by hearing from him. He won’t always say what folks want to hear, but you can count on what he says to be honest and to the point.