THANK YOU Carl Brown!!!

I did the second house for Savannah today.

While speaking to the current owner she blurted out, “Barry, is very thorough and he saved my husband and I from making a MILLION DOLLAR mistake.”

Just wanted to let you know what a POSITIVE impact you are having on the North Texas Real Estate market.

I hope I can somehow repay you in kind one day soon.

Your efforts did not fall on deaf ears nor go unnoticed.

Barry, I have no idea what this is about but it’s refreshing to hear one member thank another publicly. Ain’t that the way it oughta be, all the time?

Yes Sir!

  1. A Dallas, TX area client contacted Carl, who lives in Kansas, through
  2. He spoke very highly of and referred them to me to fully evaluate the EIFS before they went any further.
  3. Deal fell through due to roof leaks, severe EIFS moisture intrusion, IR insulation issues, and approx. 50 windows with failing seals.
  4. Movin’ on down the line, I did a different house for the same client today.
    *]Carl is now my new PR Agent
    In case I haven’t thanked you for all you do you get some more GREEN

NACHI helping NACHI. :smiley:

Can’t go wrong there.

Remember! If you promote NACHI, you are promoting yourself.

After about 3 days with no calls, it was last week tuesday and I was headed up to Toronto on that Wednesday.

As life would have it, I got 5 calls for inspections that had to be done while was in Toronto.

I refered them all to the web site (for our Chapter). I even mentioned two or three inspectors, who were in their area, as ones that I personally knew and would not hesitate to refer.

One inspector that I sent 2 of these people to is kind of “on the Outs” with me (nuff said), but the guy is a good inspector and I have no trouble referring him. I have heard back from other sources that he exclaimed (when the client mentioned my referral of him), “What the hell is Dick Decker doing referring me?”. Needless to say, the client was put off and hired one of the other NACHI people I mentioned.

Nive to have people you trust and respect (even if they don’t like you) to confidently refer your overflow to.

A referral is sending someone you care about to someone you respect. :wink:

Hope this helps;

I just saw this!

Barry you are more then welcome!


Well, it’s about time! :mrgreen:

What kind of meds did they put you on?

Hope your rehab is going well.

I am slow some times. And I look in the exterior thread more then others.

Did the second house fail also?

As for the meds it is flexeril and hydrocodone.

I see the Dr. on the 17. No rehab yet.

G-d Bless, you’re in our thoughts and prayers